Hosier Lane, today

I went in early to day into Hosier Lane Melbourne. I did a spray paint landscape of Terang’ s Botanical gardens.  My intention is to bring the Australian landscape into urban spaces.


Painting, paintings for art prizes

I have been working on some paintings for a few art prizes. The Hadley art prize in Tasmania and the Wynne landscape art prize. AGNSW. This is a spray painted titled: Reflections from the sunrise on the Walkerville Trail.

Plein air painting in Hosier Lane

7/5/17 I went and painted in Hosier Lane today. Spray cans in a suit case. I have 3 permanent little paintings installed on a grill in a window cavity. I added an extra canvas which I painted in the studio. But I painted over 2 of the earlier panels I installed, with more vibrant colours. Thank to my international friend Chris for taking this pic. Next time I paint in Hosier Lane, I will paint the walls. To see more pics goto my instagram. @badenlostaustralialandscapeart

A homage to Van Gogh

A major Van Gogh exhibition has come to Melbourne’s NGV, Vincent is an influence on my work so I did a street art tribute to him. I made 6 foot high spray painted VanGoghs on paper and stuck them in Melbourne’s most iconic street art laneways.

Including Hosier, Ac/Dc & Tattersalls lanes. I painted Starry Night, The Sun Flowers and a few others.

To see more images go to my Instagram @badenlostaustralialandscapeart